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‘Every one of us has a story. And behind any of our stories are both answers and questions’.

This is a series of short films that follows twelve people around their corners of the world, seeing the world through their eyes, and listening to their experience of God, the Church, and community. And in the middle of each story is a question that remains unanswered. Some of the characters have learned to embrace these questions; others have tried to live out their question in different ways; and for others, their question remain as an enduring challenge.

What these films provide is not an answer to life’s big questions, neither is it a set of teachings. These films touch on those questions that linger, wherever we are on the journey of faith. They are the kind of questions where we find that the more we ask them, the more we are transformed as individuals and a community.

This resource is ideal for house groups, bible studies, or any context where people can reflect together on some issues and questions that are central to the Christian life. We suggest that groups avoid ‘teaching’ as a framework for approaching the films, as this resource is orientated primarily toward discussion.

Some areas that the films engage are: prayer and social action, fearfulness, God and conflict, living locally and globally, what God looks like, loneliness, and LGBTQ+ identity and the church.

When watching Twelve, others have found the following suggestions helpful.

  • It will be best to watch one, or maybe two films per session. This will allow enough time to discuss each film in its own right. The important thing is to watch and listen to them carefully, letting their story enter into our own.
  • You may want to watch each film more than once to make sure that you have heard what each person is sharing, and to make sure that you have heard their question clearly.
  • For each film, you might want to ask the following questions:
    – What is your response to the story? Did it make you think or feel anything in a new way?
    – For each character, the question they ask is a question that has persisted throughout their life. Do you feel that the question they have asked in this film is also persistent for you? Or does it touch on another question you might regularly encounter?
    – How do you this particular question relates to how we think about God?
    – Does the Bible inform how we think about this question?

NB: the Twelve videos are in .mov file format. This format is not fully supported by Windows Media Player, so if you're trying to watch the video using that programme you will be able to see the video but won't be able to hear the audio. The files can be played using QuickTime if you have it (though this has been discontinued by Apple); otherwise we recommend downloading the VLC Media Player on Windows, which is free and does support .mov files fully. You can download VLC [here].

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