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Mind Over Matter

contributor: Unlock

Five stand alone small group sessions exploring contemporary social issues and
connecting them with stories from the Bible. The sessions are as follows:

  • Bullying
  • Fame
  • Healthy Eating
  • It's Raining; it's Always Raining! (this session deals with issues of suffering and pain)
  • Weddings

Unlock, by various names, has been around since 1972, trying to help (mainly) urban Christians to understand and share their faith appropriately. Our life experience matters; our stories; our joys and sorrows. The Bible has plenty to say, more than we’ll ever know, about our lives, if we know how to read it and apply it - if we know how to UNLOCK it!

The session outlined in this pack applies the learning cycle on page 3, starting by using a ‘prompt’ to draw out group member’s stories. It is up to you which prompt you use (from those suggested in the sessions) or to find one of your own to connect with your group. Give everyone time to tell their story and listen carefully as they do. What are the themes and issues arising in the stories? Try to remember so that you can remind people later if necessary.

The next stage is to find part of the Bible that comes to mind having listened to the stories. These sessions were designed for use with a group that had little or no Bible knowledge. If you are using these sessions with a non-church group you will need to be ready to provide some Bible links if they are unable to do so, but it is always worth giving them a chance to come up with a Bible link for themselves first; they may surprise you! Then ask the group to explore connections, similarities or differences.Finally there is a reflective activity, giving people an opportunity to reflect on the session and any action they might want to take as a result. The reflective activity creates space in which discussion and reflection can continue in an unforced way.

How well the group know and trust one another will affect the type of story that they share, often the newer the group, the more light hearted the stories are likely to be.

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