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This 6-session course aims to help develop our life as disciples on the Way of Jesus by exploring and deepening our experience of prayer.

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This six session course aims to help develop our life as disciples on the Way of Jesus by exploring and deepening our experience of prayer. Prayer is often understood as an activity that is carried out at certain times and in certain places but really it is (or needs to be) our ‘Way of Life’ as Christians, as followers of Jesus. Prayer is the connective tissue that holds together all four journeys of Way of Life and this course will give opportunities to reflect on how each of these four journeys (UP, IN, WITH and OUT) are in fact four stances for prayer.

This course can be used as a six session course meeting either weekly or fortnightly. The course will ask a level of commitment from participants as it asks them to reflect on their own experience of prayer more deeply and to share their journey with others. Each session opens with a time of reflective prayer which sets the scene for the discussion that follows which usually involves an element of bible study. Each session will then move from discussion into prayer with suggestions of different ways to pray; some individually and some together. It is vital that time is kept for this experience of prayer. It is all too easy to spend a lot of time talking about prayer but never actually praying!

The content of the basic six sessions are summarised as follows:
Session 1: What is prayer? Discussion and reflection around the participants’ personal experience and understanding of prayer and exploration of how prayer is described in scripture as well as by those who have written on the subject of prayer.
Session 2: Reaching UP: the prayer of encounter. An exploration of how prayer focuses on who God is and how our images of God affect how we pray.
Session 3: Looking IN: the prayer of discovery. An exploration of how prayer shows us something of who we are in relation to God and how we pray with who we are as human beings.
Session 4: Sharing WITH: the prayer of community. Discussion and reflection about the communal nature of prayer and the way that prayer can build up the community of faith as we pray with and for one another.
Session 5: Moving OUT: the prayer of action. An exploration of how we engage with the world around us through prayer and how prayer makes a difference in the building of God’s kingdom.
Session 6: Prayer as a Way of Life. Finding a rhythm of prayer of prayer in everyday life through a new look at the tradition of ‘Praying the Hours’.

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